Functions Of Industrial Cooling Systems

Manufacturing units cough up enormous heat during various stages of production. Industrial cooling products are in great demand as it helps to cope with the temperature demands. Each industry’s environment requirements are varied and choosing the right cooling equipment is essential. Most cooling systems can perform well even in high temperature ranges. Every unit is build with redundancy and reliability. The needs of the industrial unit have to be identified and the system has to be customised to meet their demands.

What matters most is to design an explosion proof air cooling unit that can keep the industrial environment pleasant for the work force. Use of low noise fans and motors in the cooling unit can provide a noise free work ambience. Use of multiple and independent refrigerant circuits that are filled with hot gas improves durability and performance. A centralised control system can help manage the cooling system from a single location.

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Industrial Cooling – For Cooler Workplaces

Temperatures in the industries are often at uncomfortable levels and industrial cooling systems are used to bring the humidity levels back to normal. Industrial cooling system is pivotal to manufacturing units that generate heat to convert raw material into finished products. The heat generated has to be dissipated to maintain the temperature at normal levels. There are open and closed cooling towers that are used according to the specific needs to the industries.

Open cooling towers are otherwise called direct cooling towers where water in the compartments comes in direct contact with the outside dry air and evaporation happens. There is also a filter that protects pollutants inside the water. The closed or indirect cooling tower is where additional heat exchangers are used and water does not come in direct contact with the air outside. The air is cooled inside the heat exchangers. The end result is that the workplace maintains a comfortable temperature level despite dissipating enormous heat.

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Functions Of Industrial Cooling Towers

Heat is the by-product in industries that has to be eliminated effectively. This heat can be removed and normal room temperature can be returned using the right industrial cooling tower. The following features are ideal for any cooling machines. There should be large sump storage. PVC fills are used to facilitate heat transfer. The cooling system must be installed in the terrace so that the heat generated is removed into the atmosphere effectively. But it is important to adhere to strict environment laws. Ensure the cooling system you use is safe on the environment.

Earlier the cooling systems were huge and were cumbersome in their design. With the advancement in technology, smaller and more effective cooling systems have entered the market making it all the more convenient and easier to install and maintain. The systems that have non-corrosive aluminium alloy fans and blades are considered more effective. Rotating arm sprinklers are used to disperse the heat evenly.

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Industrial Cooling Towers – Need Of The Hour

Industrial cooling towers is the need of the hour for every industry large or small that generates heat. Some of the industries that have to make use of cooling systems include electricity generating unit, chemical processing industry, sugar manufacturing, steel, air conditioning and refrigeration, petroleum refining and more. The dawn of machineries saw the rise of industrial revolution and with it the challenges of removing heat from the manufacturing units had become essential.

During the earlier stages cooling towers were made of wood but with the rise in industrialisation, enhanced versions of cooling systems came into existence that include FRP and RCC cooling towers. The need for cooling is not just restricted to location cooling but also extended to process cooling in the recent years. Using the right quality of water in the towers can ensure the long life of the machine. Proper maintenance can ensure the system functions without any repairs for years.

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